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Sticky: We Started Watching TV Series but it Turned into Sex

We met online as both of us were crazy fans of Dr. Who TV series. There are tens of episodes of this series and both of us have seen all of them. We even saw some porn videoclips that had Dr. Who as their theme. We laughed at those together. We never met in person until that night, but we chatted online all the time.

Then, we decided that she will come to my place for a sleepover, since she wasn’t from my town, so that we can have a Dr. Who marathon. When she came through that door, I realized that she was far sexier than I thought she would be. I didn’t think about hitting on her as I thought she was some chubby and cool Dr. Who girl. I was wrong. She was crazy hot!

We got into my room, where I already prepared the popcorn, beer, pillow and blankets. We got under those, laughed and pressed play. The episodes went one by one, and the beer cans got empty fast. We were both nervous as we realized that there is this sexual tension between us that we didn’t plan to happen. After a while, I wasn’t even watching the episodes, but I saw through the screen.

All I was thinking about was how to and if to touch her. I was painfully aware of her presence. My mind was restless and then I felt it. She placed her hand on my thigh under the blanket. I couldn’t believe it. I turned around and kissed her and she kissed me back.

I practically threw myself at her and started kissing her passionately, exposing those amazing tits of hers. I buried my face into them as they were so soft and gentle and so, damn, big. I started kissing her in between her tits and started going lower and lower. I reached her belly button and finally reached her clit and pussy. It smelled so sweet and so perfectly. I licked her clit and the shudder went through her body.

I licked it again and again and I went even lower so that I could penetrate her pussy with my tongue. I wanted to feel her taste and she was all I hoped for. When I got her totally wet, I unzipped my pants and pushed my dick inside her. As I was fucking her, she took my head with her both hands and pulled me toward her so that she can kiss me passionately. I fucked her and fucked her and I could have gone like that for hours.

She was so sexy and so great at the same time. Our TV series was still on but we didn’t mind that. That was the first time in my life that there was something that got my attention more than a porn movie, comic book or my favorite TV series. Now, I had a girl that was better than all those things combined.